Thursday, December 29, 2016

Feed On God's Abundance in 2017

Just as God wanted the Israelites to feed on the manna and quail, which He sent to them in the desert, He also wants you to feed on the Bread of Life; Jesus. Feed on the Bread of Life daily and enjoy the abundance that the Lord has in store for you in 2017. You can even have Quail Songs daily devotionals sent to your email or favorite news feed on a daily basis, just by signing up.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Our perspective is often limited by our understanding.

Let me provide an illustration.

About a dozen years ago, I happened to enter into a discussion with a woman from Romania in the Texas Tech University library. Though I don’t remember what sparked the conversation, I do remember some of what she told me. She was among the students who protested during the late 1980s when Romania revolted against Soviet control. She saw friends gunned down, but escaped with her life. It was a stirring story and from it, I came to understand some things that I hadn’t known before.g

After telling her story, the woman asked me a question. “Why don’t Americans honor Ronald Reagan?” She went on to explain how Ronald Reagan was highly honored in Romania because he broke away their chains by breaking down the Soviet Union.

What is our perspective of Jesus?

Our perspective of Ronald Reagan in America is very different than it is in Romania, but my purpose is not to discuss politics. My purpose is to focus on Jesus. What is our perspective of Jesus? Do we fully comprehend who Jesus is? In the first couple of weeks in the daily devotions of Quail Songs, we will be looking at how heaven views Jesus. It ought to stir us to greater humility and more profound adoration of the King of Kings.

Join me, beginning January 1st, 2017 at Quail Songs

Friday, December 23, 2016

Spread the Word: New Online Devotional Starting January 1, 2017

A week or so ago, while I was doing my morning devotional and praying, my attention was drawn to the 16th chapter of Exodus. In that chapter is the story of how God provided manna to the Israelites in the wilderness. Those of us who are grounded in the Word know how that relates to Jesus and His being the Bread of Life. God also provided quail every evening. He was doing that in response to the Israelites' claim that in Egypt they "sat beside pots of meat." An exaggeration of their luxury while in bondage.

God provides us with bread, but He also provides us with meat.

Jesus came that we not only have life, but life ABUNDANT.

Beginning January 1st, 2017, I am taking on the monumental task of writing a daily devotional, which is meant to draw our focus toward the abundance in God's Word.

Join me in January and spread the word to others.