Sunday, March 19, 2017

Not My Will, But Thine Be Done

Jesus called me to subdue the city.
“The walls are too thick,” I replied.
“Walk around the outside of the city for six days. On the seven walk around it seven times and then blow the trumpet and shout my name,” He said.
I did as he asked and the wall of the city crumbled to the ground.

“Drive the invaders from this land,” Jesus told me.
“I’m afraid,” I answered. “I don’t know how to fight.”
Jesus handed me and the three hundred men with me a torch and a clay pot.
“Surround the army, sound the trumpet, shout my name and break the pots,” He commanded.
I did as he asked and the entire army of invaders killed each other.

“That giant defies My Holy name and raises a challenge against My people,” Jesus declared.
“I’m a mere boy, not a man of war,” I protested.
“Take your sling and five smooth stones and go out to meet him,” Jesus directed.
I put a stone in my sling and slung it with all the strength I had in me. Jesus guided the stone to strike the giant in the head and he died at my feet.

“Prophesy the words I direct you to prophesy,” Jesus demanded.
“My lips are unclean. I am not worthy,” I replied.
Jesus touched a burning coal to my lips, cleansed them and His words flowed from my mouth.

“Do not cease your prayers to me,” Jesus ordered.
“But if I continue praying, I’ll be cast into a den of lions,” I cried.
I obeyed Him and was cast into a den of lions, but their mouths were shut tightly and they did not harm me.

“Follow me,” Jesus said.
“I’m just an ignorant fisherman,” I answered.
“I will make you a fisherman after the souls of men,” He replied.
I followed and saw the blind be made to see, the lame made to walk, the deaf made to hear, the mute able to speak, the sick restored to health, those possessed by demons set free and the dead raised to life. I spoke and communed with God made manifest in the flesh, saw Moses and Elijah appear on the mountain and heard the voice of God.

“Go to the gentile nations and proclaim My Word,” Jesus ordered.
“But I am the one who is persecuting them for believing in you,” I responded.
I obeyed Him and all of the nations of the earth heard the Word of the Truth because of the testimony I passed along to those who had never heard of Jesus.

“Come home,” Jesus called. “Your work is finished.”
I went.

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