Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A Deep Lament

My soul is in deep lament and my heart cannot be comforted. Sleep does not comfort. Food has no flavor. I sigh as I move about and do my work. Though I pour the pure words of God’s soul into me morning and evening and meditate on them day and night, I can find no peace. My prayers are a jumbled mess of chaos. I know no words to comfort my soul, only lamenting and grieving.

My heart is grieved for those who have wandered and wander still. My soul is vexed by those who have strayed from the fold and are among the rocks and forests where those who would devour them lurk. They have turned aside in order to pursue the works of their own hands. They have set up idols for themselves; not the graven images of times past, but idols of themselves, of their money, of their possessions and even their own righteousness. They are comforted that they have met the requirements of righteousness and continue feeding themselves on the meat of their pride.

They do not heed the warnings of the Most High God. They are confident in the work of their own hands and the strength of their own will. They will not humble themselves and exalt the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. They seek Him only for a fleeting moment. They see Him as a reflection on the water and then turn away, forgetting what they have seen and not bringing Him to mind again unless some calamity befalls them. And there will be calamities; many of them. Like the pains of a woman about to give birth, calamities will come. Stronger, deadlier, and more often will they come. They are a warning that the wrath of the Most High God is poised to be let go upon a wicked people.

I am mocked because I call them to humble themselves and seek the Lord. They accuse me of teaching falsehood because I call them to humility before the Holy Lamb of God rather than praise them for their own righteous works. They ignore me when I cry out because they have taken to themselves teachers and teachings which tickle their ears and comfort them in their own righteousness. Their ears are stopped up. Their eyes do not see. They have been struck mute. They have become like their idols. They refuse to call out for mercy or to praise the Most High God.

They call me a dreamer and will not open their ears to hear and their eyes to see. They scoff at my warnings. Though the warnings of my lips are from a heart which is burdened for them and a soul which aches for their delusion, they would toss me into a pit. They would wipe their hands and rejoice that they were rid of me. Yet even from the pit I would cry out for them to humble themselves and exalt the Lamb of God.

I am called a hypocrite because I was the worst among them. My sins reached to the depths of depravity, but I know the deliverance of the Shepherd. I know the price paid by the Redeemer of my soul. I was among the rocks and lost in the forest. The wolves and lions were all around me. They had rushed upon me and would have torn me to pieces, but the Shepherd never gave up seeking me. I heard the sound of His voice calling to me as the enemy leapt upon me. I was wounded, but He found me, He lifted me to His shoulder and He carried me back into His fold. He gave me new life and He will keep me in His presence from now and forevermore.

Listen to me! Hear my cry! Feel the crushing weight of my lament upon your hearts. Turn away from the works of your own hands. Do not follow after your own will and the desires of your flesh. Turn away from the idols you have set up for yourselves. Turn away from trusting in your own righteousness. Turn away from believing that you have sealed yourselves for the Kingdom of God. There is only one who can seal you in His kingdom; even the Holy Lamb of God.

Fall on your face before the Most High God! Exalt the Holy Lamb of God! He alone is worthy to receive glory, honor, power, riches and blessings. He alone will save His people; the sheep of His pasture. He alone has the power to turn back the lions and the wolves who would devour you. Do not trust in your own counsel. Do not despise the warnings of the Most High. Humble yourselves and exalt Him!

In only a little while, He will come. For those of His fold, He will come to lead them to greener pastures and give them rest beside still waters. But for those who are proud and glory in the work of their own hands He will come as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Out of His mouth will come a sharp sword and a rod will be in His hand. Humble yourselves and cry out for mercy, you who would escape His wrath. Silence your defense before Him and wait for Him to lift you up. For the King of Kings will have His dominion over all of creation.


  1. Indeed Bil these are extremely difficult, tumultuous and heavy hearted, disturbing times. You are overwhelming feeling it, the deep pain that comes from the knowledge of God's word of what is happening in our world today. Our world and all it's self worship is favoring the enemy and aiding the plans of the devil. In the end God is victorious over the devil. This we know. A great awakening and mighty shaking is upon us and the lost are numb and indifferent, in denial of what deep inside themselves is a growing sense of an impending wrath upon their lives and others who have turned away from God, their loving God who weeps for his disobedient children. Thank you you Bil for standing in the gap, as a prayer warrior and a devoted man of God. I am praying for the salvation of the lost along with you....and also praying for you to continue the spiritual battle and the strengthening of your weary and compassionate heart for God's people. Thank you greatly Bil for your ongoing sacrifice and unselfishness.