Sunday, September 17, 2017

Saturday, September 23, 2017 IS NOT the Revelation 12 Sign

For those of you who might have been taken in by the fanaticism surrounding the Revelation 12 sign, which is “scheduled” to appear this coming Saturday, I want to clarify a few things for you and call you away from that heresy. To begin with, I want to relate something that happened to me last spring when most of the talk about this “sign” started to become popular.

Because this sign was being associated with the rapture, many were saying that the rapture would occur with this sign. Essentially, they were setting a date for the rapture. I called out the major actors who have been pushing this “sign.” I pointed out to them that Jesus’ return was likened unto the traditional, Jewish wedding feast. I’ve written about it on this blog before Is Jesus Coming in 2017. When I pressed this point, I was told that I was ignorant and was cursed and called some very unpleasant and derogatory things. Not what one would expect from a Christian.

Since that time, I have kept things under wraps and worked in a different direction. I’ve remained focused on encouraging whoever happens to read what I write to humble themselves and exalt Jesus above all things. I am not backing off of that now and I am not going to. What I am going to do is point out the major errors in what is being called the Revelation 12 sign, which I believe is not a sign of God, but a sign of Satan and its purpose is to confuse. This sign has been heavily pushed with some sort of agenda behind it and I will explain my reasoning behind that as well.

There are numerous issues involved with the accuracy of this sign, but the most glaring one is that those who are pushing this falsehood are saying that Jupiter is the king who is to be born. They have showed the gestational period with Jupiter inside of Virgo and it has been perfectly fit together… blah, blah, blah. Where for the most part those things are true, Jupiter IS NOT the representation of Jesus among the signs in the sky. Instead, Jupiter is the SON OF SATAN and this is a sign of what the Bible calls the Man of Sin. Let me explain.

In Greek mythology, Cronus (Saturn to the Romans) led a revolt against his father, Uranus, in order to become king of the gods. Sounds familiar doesn’t it. Saturn was said to consume his newborn children as they were born and so when Zeus (Jupiter to the Romans) was born, Rhea, the wife of Uranus and Cronus mother, tricked him into swallowing a rock instead. Then Zeus beat down Cronus with the help of his brothers and sisters. This is mythology, of course, but you have an understanding of who Jupiter is.

Jupiter is the king of the gods (little “g” gods) and the son of Saturn who is known as and depicted as the dragon. Ironically enough, Satan is also called the dragon. That’s not really ironic, but a clear message. To substitute the symbol of Jupiter as the King of Kings is an ENORMOUS DECEPTION. Throughout the Bible, the sign of the King of Kings has been the sun (the light of the world), not one of the planets. Therefore, to have the sign of Jupiter being born of the virgin (Virgo) is a twisting of the truth. This is a major, major, major error that you must recognize from this “sign” which is supposed to represent the birth of Jesus this Saturday.

In addition to this enormous deception, Jupiter actually passed out of the womb of Virgo (crossed over the line between the two stars which would form the bottom sign of her womb) a week or so ago, between the 6th and 10th of September. However, September 23rd has remained a solid date throughout. You have to ask why? What is significant about September 23rd? What is being set up for September 23rd which needs to be so firmly kept? I don’t know the answer to that, but because of the deception which is already being played out and the way I was shut down last spring when I raised objections about it, I can’t help being suspicious about what sort of thing is being set up. Who is truly behind pushing the date September 23rd?

I can’t give you answers to these questions, I can only speculate. Based on the fact that the sign of September 23rd, in my opinion, is actually a sign of the birth of the Man of Sin, the son of Satan, then the logical deception would be to usher in that man and establish him as being the Messiah. Please understand that I am not saying that The Anti-Christ will be revealed on September 23rd. What I am saying is that I believe that this deception is a set up for revealing the Man of Sin and might be referred back to at some point as some sort of proof. Armed with the understanding that Jupiter IS NOT the Biblical sign of Jesus, you should not be taken in by any deception which points back to this sign as any form of proof for anything.

There is more to the passage in Revelation 12. Unfortunately, I do not have a clear picture of what that is all about, but I cannot accept that a sign which demonstrates the birth of Jupiter, the son of the dragon, Saturn can be associated with the true virgin birth of Jesus, the King of Kings. I also have a hard time swallowing the fact that Jupiter already passed out of the womb of Virgo (this sounds silly to me as I write it, but this is how it is being told and I’m using their language) more than a week ago, but they are holding firm to their September 23rd date so that the moon and sun and planets all align to fit their narrative. I think there is an enormous deception being played out in this.

Two places I would encourage you to look for deception. Over the past several months I have been studying things concerning the End Times heavily. I won’t draw a chart or give any rapture dates or count out days or anything of that kind. I don’t believe that serves anyone. What I will tell you is that I believe that the Harlot who rides the Beast has already been revealed and I have narrowed down the Beast she is riding to a couple of possibilities which are actually sort of an amalgamation of a larger entity which could easily transform into what is described in Revelation 13. From countless hours of Biblical and historical study, I think you should be very, very cautious of anything related to the United Nations, the European Union, NATO and the Vatican.

Because I will be asked anyway, there is no doubt in my mind that the Vatican is the Harlot. She speaks blasphemy, she creates deception, she is not the church, but a pagan cult posing as the church, she has made all of the nations of the world drink from her cup and she is drunk on the blood of the saints (according to historical sources, the number of Christians martyred by the papacy since its beginning numbers close to 66 million). The Vatican orders the United Nations, the Vatican orders the European Union and I believe has an enormous impact on what NATO does as well.

Pope Francis has already been working on world ecumenicalism with Islam, Hindu, Buddhism and other religions. The conference which is taking place the first week of November in Germany will be an attempt to draw Protestants back under the rule of the Vatican. He is working on establishing a One World Religion. I believe the Vatican has been pulling strings concerning international relations and world diplomacy as well.

None of that was meant to scare you, anger you or confuse you. It is meant to drive you to your knees, to humble you and make you call out to Jesus. Jesus is the only one to be exalted. Jesus is the only one worthy of glory and honor and praise. Jesus is the only way to be kept away from being deceived by what transpires in the coming days. Jesus is the only hope of escaping the coming tribulation. Jesus and Jesus alone saves. You cannot be good enough. You cannot fulfill the requirements of God on your own and neither can you be delivered from the punishment due to you for your sins through any other means than Jesus, the way, the light, the truth.

Rather than being distracted by the hundreds of things which are coming at you from every direction, maintain your focus on Jesus. Rather than allowing what you see and read on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and what not to distract you, depress you and confuse you, fix your eyes on exalting Jesus. I don’t like that NFL players sit or kneel or raise their fist in defiance of the National Anthem, but that is a very trivial thing compared to the glory of Jesus and the deception which is TRAPPING you and holding you hostage. Jesus is calling you to glorify and exalt Him. Jesus is calling you to sit yourself apart from all of this CRAP. Get out of it! Live the life which is focused on the upward call of the Kingdom of Heaven. Leave fleshly living behind you and strive after the life which the Spirit is calling you to live.

Come out! Come to Jesus! Focus on exalting Jesus! Those who have ears to hear, let them hear to the glory of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Amen.

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